These spa services are based upon Ayurveda, a 5,000 year old healing system that supports balance and bliss in your life. The revitalizing and therapeutic treatments offered here are customized to your particular needs. Your therapist will use specific oils, herbs, and aromas chosen to provide you with optimal balance and nourishment for your mind-body constitution, or dosha.

Ayurveda is one of the oldest systems of natural health care, originating in the ancient traditions of India. Now considered one of the leading forms of holistic medicine available in the West, Ayurveda addresses the factors that influence our quality of life. Based upon the principle that our experiences become our biology, Ayurveda integrates the wisdom traditions of East and West to celebrate and explore the infinite potential of the human spirit. The principles of Ayurveda state that nothing exists in isolation. Your diet, family, work, relationships, and state of mind have a profound effect on your health and well-being. While conventional Western medicine is still grounded in the theory of mind-body separation, Ayurveda holds that health is more than the absence of disease; it’s a dynamic state of balance and integration of body, mind, and spirit.

During each Ayurvedic service, mantras are said.  Paul Brown explains how Mantras work: "Mantra fulfills the definition of Yoga as given in Patanjali's Yoga Sutras: Yogas chitti-vritti nirodahah. "Yoga silences the vritti, the vibrations of consciousness." Mantra carries the mind to the silence that was there before God said, "Let there be light."
In Sanskrit, mantra means vehicle for the mind: manas - mind, tra - vehicle. Tra is the root of our English suffix, tron. Electrons carry electricity. Positrons carry positivity. Mantras carry mind to its source."

MUKHA (Face)

Designed with the understanding that everyone is nourished in different ways, Ayurvedic facials use customized ingredients and services to deliver a truly blissful experience that suits your individual needs. These rejuvenating and healing experiences will ignite your inner pharmacy and help you restore the skin’s natural balance. All facials include cleansing, toning, and exfoliation. Extractions are included in the Darshana facial.

Lavanya Facial, 35 minutes - $75

Embrace the moment with this facial designed to refresh and renew your skin. Understand the needs of your skin according to your mind body type, or dosha, and the variation seasonal changes may bring. Your skin will be cleansed, toned, and exfoliated in this stimulating and soothing treatment.

Darshana Balancing Facial, 50 minutes - $110; 80 minutes - $175

This transformational facial treatment utilizes the healing power of Marma therapy to eliminate stress and emotional fatigue while soothing your skin and spirit. As you surrender to the balanced flow of your life-force moving through your chakra energy centers, you will be transported to a realm of bliss, relaxation, and balance.

Jade Stone Facial, 90 min - $160

A luxury, holistic facial featuring semi precious stones, known for their bio-energetic properties. Rich in antiioxidants and aroma therapeutic extracts, this treatment delivers deep relaxation and a luminous complexion.

Ayurvedic Non-Surgical Facelift, 60 min - $120

Best done in a series of 6, 2x per week. (Discount for prepaid series.)
The artful massage of Ayurveda combined with pure essential oils relaxes muscles, sculpts and tones without a scalpel! Results seen in first visit.

Shanti Shiro Facial, 80 minutes - $185

Bring harmony to your skin and your mind with this meditative facial. Following cleansing, toning, and exfoliation, warm herbalized oil is gently massaged into the scalp, neck, and shoulders. You are then treated to a Shirodhara: a soothing stream of warm oil is poured over the forehead, transporting you to deeper levels of mental peace and expanded awareness. This enriching therapy will bring new life into your hair and scalp as it calms your mind.


These unique massage and body treatments use signature herbal infused oils to release tension, impurities and trapped energy within the body. Based on the ancient healing properties of Ayurveda, each treatment creates a timeless experience that nourishes your body, strengthens your immune system, and revitalizes your mind.

Marma Enlivening Treatment, 35 minutes - $55

Marmas are the junction points between body, mind, and emotions. Using dosha-specific essential oils, this light circular touch stimulates the vital energy points for restoration and rejuvenation, awakening your inner healing system.

Abhyanga (aBee-yan-Ga), 35 minutes - $90; 60 minutes - $130;
90 minutes - $195

The Abhyanga is a friction-based massage utilizing warm herbalized oil and dosha-specific herbs. As the oil is massaged into the skin through gentle to medium pressured strokes, it penetrates deep into the tissues to loosen toxins at the cellular level. The Abhyanga enhances immunity, increases circulation, and creates deep relaxation in the body and mind.

Vishesh Treatment (vi-Shesh), 50 minutes - $130; 80 minutes - $195

A powerful tension relieving treatment, this invigorating choreographed massage incorporates classic Abhyanga therapy with deeper strokes to clear and detoxify the channels of circulation. The experience begins with light to medium pressure and then progresses to firmer, deeper, slower strokes designed to release physical and emotional toxins.

Shila Abhyanga (Shee-la aBee-yan-Ga), 75 minutes - $140

The Sanskrit word for Stone Massage, this is the art of stone bodywork blended with the ancient science of Ayurveda. Primarily wind-reducing (vata), calming, peaceful and restorative, this treatment brings the body, mind and soul back into balance, renewing the sweetness of life in a world where people are driving while eating their lunch. It brings balance back for those who multi-task to keep up with their fast paced, multi-dimensional lives.

Shirodhara (Shee-ro-Dar-a), 35 minutes - $100; 60 minutes - $160

The Shirodhara is a profoundly relaxing treatment in which a soothing stream of warm oil is poured over the forehead and onto the sixth chakra, your intuitive center. It calms the central nervous system, integrates the mind and body, and renews the sweetness of life.

Odyssey Ayurvedic Massage Treatment, 80 minutes - $165

An Ayurvedic voyage like no other this is an 80-minute blissful sampling of Ayurvedic Spa therapies. The treatment begins with a light Garshana Exfoliating treatment; followed by a classic Abhyanga tension-dissolving massage. It progresses to a Vishesh treatment, using firmer healing strokes. Marma therapy awakens your inner energy, while personalized aroma- therapy enlivens your senses. For those seeking the most healing, balancing and transformative experience, this treatment is the pinnacle.

Marma Chikitsa - $25

A relaxing introduction to Ayurveda or a great add-on to any service.  This application to the body's nervous system channels balances all 5 directional flows in the body, from head to toes.  Increase chi, circulation, improve sleep, calm restlessness.

THE POSTNATAL PERIOD ushers a whole new world for a woman. This period  is a potpourri of happiness & contentment on one hand, and physical & mental fatigue due to delivery on the other hand. To overcome these highs and lows, Ayurveda has described ‘Sutika Paricharya’ i.e. Postnatal Regimen. In this regimen, Abhyanga or Ayurveda Massage has a significant role. 
Abhyanga is anointment of body with warm medicated oils. It is derived from Sanskrit  root ‘ang’ meaning movement or motion and prefix ‘abhi’ meaning different, against . Thus Abhyanga means rubbing, which involves motion in different directions. Abhyanga is mainly of two types – Curative and Preventive. During Postnatal period, it has a curative effect.

Following delivery, the major changes which occur in a woman’s body are:  
* Lack of tone of abdominal and perineal muscles.
* Laxity of vagina and uterus which may lead to prolapse if not monitored.
* Intestinal paresis often leading to indigestion and constipation.
* After pains, i.e. spasmodic pain in lower abdomen.
* Venous congestion leading to edema in legs and feet.
* Increased chances of Puerperal Venous Thrombosis (PVT).
* Hypersensitive state of Nervous system leading to pain sensation, anxiety, depression etc. 

Ayurveda advocates Bala oil, Dashmool oil, Sesamum oil for Abhyanga during Postnatal period. These oils are best for strength and unction. 

Abhyanga provides following benefits:
*Helps uterine tone with specific strokes over abdomen
*When combined with ATMAT (The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy®) movement of uterus to central position if organ had misaligned during delivery.
*Support of intestines, and encouragement of anesthetic residue to leave body.
*Lymphatic support of extremities, removing excess fluid.
*Significant relaxation due to tempo of strokes and aromatics of oil.