The Kamala Center for Radiant Health was founded by friends with careers in the natural wellness industry in August 2002.  It has expanded from the quest of three extraordinary women seeking better health for themselves, their families and friends, to a vision of Centers providing counseling for wellness and supportive treatments.

It is an alternative to massage clinics and day spas, by incorporating alternative medicine, holistic healing techniques and massage in an environment that encourages repair of the body, mind and spirit all at the same time. There is a definite need for working alternatives to traditional Western medicine techniques, as well as those that support your body’s ability to heal. Centuries old traditions in massage, skincare, aromatherapy and hydrotherapy, blended with wellness education and the best natural products available today, yield Optimal Wellness. All treatments have a proven track record, some for thousands of years!

This type of attention takes time, and is best done in a loving atmosphere.   Deborah’s own experience in finding a cure for her Fibromyalgia and other autoimmune illnesses has given her a passion to share with others who may have “lost hope” that there are avenues to wellness other than prescription medicines. She continues to study each year with traditional healers in different modalities to keep our work true to the Ancient wellness pathways that have been in existence for hundreds of years.

The mission is to assist people in achieving optimal health, facilitating healing naturally through holistic treatments, nutritional education and herbal remedies, while acknowledging the Divine in everyone. Come to Kamala Center for Radiant Health for a place to retreat and nurture yourself: your sanctuary for wellness, and the opportunity to replenish your well-being.

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