When undergoing healing for her “unrecoverable” illnesses, Deborah was prescribed and tried just about every brand on the market! She has chosen the brands which in her opinion work the best, are manufactured under quality conditions, and offer extensive training courses for their affiliates. We do not list the brands on our Website, in trade agreement with their manufacturers.

We will not be offering individual supplements For Sale on this website. Supplements will be recommended during the Naturopathic consult, Nutritional Consult or with a completed intake form and exam during another service only. While all supplements we recommend are health-promoting, indiscriminate use could lead to a nutritional deficit in another area of the body. It is important to maintain up-to-date information with the health care professional before starting or changing any supplement regimen.

Supplements which have been discussed between Deborah and the client can be requested or reordered through e-mail to . They can then be charged to your credit card.