When you prefer the privacy of your own home, Kamala Center for Radiant Health will bring its relaxing spa rituals to you. Experience a selection of signature treatments without leaving your own environs with our house call service. Please call for availability and pricing.


All natural seaweed and moor mud products, essential oils and collagen combinations formulated for specific skin problems are available. Due to the purity of the products and their ability to draw pollutants out of the skin, effects are felt same day. The initial visit includes a skin analysis, custom formulation for your body’s needs, and recommendation of a home care program to continue your treatment results. Home care products available for retail purchase.

Two or more of the following, combined together, 20% off each service:

Dry Skin Brushing and Essential Oil Anointment - 45 min, $70
Improves circulation, deep joint/muscle aches, sleep problems and depression.

Marine Algae Treatments:

Abdominal Therapy - 45 min, $65
Eases abdominal distention, aids with digestion and elimination of unsightly stomach bulges.

Breast Treatment - 45 min, $60
Helps tone and firm delicate breast tissue. Great for weight loss programs, post-lactation, post ATMATmogram/xray, or general maintenance.

Endocrine Therapy - 60 min, $75
Balances the endocrine system, especially for thyroid imbalance.

Liver Support Therapy - 60 min, $75
Detoxify and supports the liver and entire digestive tract. Good for cleansing the liver after a series of chemical treatments or prescription drug usage.


Arnica Muscle Therapy Wrap - 25 min, $75
Anti-inflammatory treatment to ease muscle pain and joint stiffness. Includes a relaxing scalp massage while wrapped in cool linens.

Compression Wrap for Legs - 60 min, $80

To accelerate the removal of fluid and toxins creating puffiness and retention, and promote firming from ankles to buttocks, legs are wrapped in marine algae and botanicals.

Leg Contour Therapy - 60 min, $90
Seaweed and botanical oils are applied to cellulite or saddlebags. Improves circulation and reduces toxins, allowing cellulite to disperse.

Detoxifying Seaweed Body Wrap - 50 min, $90/deluxe 75 min, $130
A full body wrap customized to remineralize and detoxify the body. Excellent for stress, fluid retention, sore muscles and aches, or just for relaxing. Treats a variety of skin conditions, including dryness, rash and/or flaking. Improves the condition of cellulite or fluid retention through regularly scheduled wrap sessions. Deluxe wrap includes 25 min of massage.

Cellulite Method - 120 min, $160
Relax and detoxify during dry skin brushing, ancient oil anointment and cellulite manipulation. Toxins are removed. Skin is firmer, softer, with better texture and a healthy glow.

Rubato - 120 min, $175
A special support wrap for detoxification, cellulite, fluid retention and weight loss programs; “bump” when you reach a plateau.

Marma Chikitsa - $25
A relaxing introduction to Ayurveda or a great add-on to any service.  This application to the body's nervous system channels balances all 5 directional flows in the body, from head to toes.  Increase chi, circulation, improve sleep, calm restlessness.


REPECHAGE - Beauty from the Sea Signature TreatmentsBody Treatments

Peppermint Sea Twist ® (55min, $100)
Combination of peppermint oil with fresh seaweed to stimulate, rejuvenate and purify the skin while ticking your senses.  Shower rinse off.  Helps contour, firm and smooth, while reducing water retention.

Honey Body Polish (55 min, $90)
Pure honey and almond body treatment blended with fresh yogurt to hydrate and exfoliate dry skin.  Great when your daily body lotion application isn’t penetrating.  Shower removal followed by deeply hydrating moisture in light massage.

Thalassotherapy Seaweed Body Contour Treatment (55min, $125)
Full body seaweed mask that will offer overall circulatory stimulation, encourage elimination of toxins, soften and smooth skin resulting in a total sense of well-being.
After mask is applied, you are wrapped and covered with a thermal blanket to help the nutrients penetrate into the skin.  Shower rinse and application of Seaweed Body Cream in a light massage.


ION FOOT BATH - $50 per session; $180/4 sessions
Think of the way your body felt when you last walked along the beach and felt the energy of the waves breaking near you.  You were able to breathe deeper, your brain cleared, your body felt in tune with the earth, at peace and rejuvenated.  The ionization of trillions of water molecules crashing to earth caused positive reactions.  Ionic cleanse footbaths can be used as healthy weight loss support, to give one more energy and a better state of mind, to restore and regain health giving the body more energy to heal itself, helps rid your body of toxins, relieves aching and sore joints, unburden your body of herbicides, pesticides, colorings, additives, preservative and other chemicals that reside in our water, food and air.  In today’s toxic environment, tissue acid wastes, chemical and heavy metal residues build up in the body faster than before, resulting in greater incidence of allergies, mental and physical incapacitation.


BIO-MAT $25 with any treatment; $75 for one hour for deep detox
Intensify your massage or spa wrap treatment with the effects of the Far InfraRed BioMat. Utilizing various settings for different health indicators, the mat warms the inside of your body, and the part of the BioMat in contact with your skin gets warm.  These rays (6-12 microns) penetrate 6 inches into the body.  The rays not only benefit the muscles on the surface of the boy, but all cells including blood vessels, lymph glands and nerves in the deepest parts of our body.  Amethyst and tourmaline crystals conduct EMF accumulation to the mat’s ground.  Negative ion effect purifies the blood, revives cells, improves the immune system, controls the autonomic nervous system, revitalizes cell metabolism, relieves pain and sysmptoms of paralysis.