Note to clients: We drape with a sheet, in accordance with the State of Texas regulations; only the body part being worked on is exposed. If you have additional concerns, please speak frankly with us, and we will take steps necessary to ensure your complete comfort and modesty.

You may also enjoy any of the following massage types in the comfort of your home. Check with us for availability and pricing.


MASTER'S MASSAGE 70 min, $145
Advanced therapy to treat a specific ailment.

FUSION MASSAGE 60 min, $150
Powerful deep compression with feet and hands to release blocked energy and tension.

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE 60 min, $110; 75 min, $140, 90 min, $160
Intense, focused, relaxing.

Warm river stones, soothing oils, relaxing rhythmic strokes.

Hawaiian massage, spiritually calming, relieves deep muscle aches.

Comforting, nurturing, relaxing.

ARVIGO TECHNIQUE OF The The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® 60 min, from $100
Non-invasive, addresses position and health of pelvic and abdominal organs.

LOVE YOUR GUTS 50 min, $100
Visceral massage for digestive problems, scar reduction, weight problems.

HERBAL MASSAGE 30 min $70; 60 min $130; 90 min $175
Reconnect deeply with a therapeutic treatment that combines the best of eastern and western modalities with aromatherapy. Herbal massage oils contain plant extracts that possess high levels of anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory, detoxifying and sedative constituents to balance and heal the body.

ARNICA DEEP MUSCLE REPAIR  30 min $75; 60 min $135; 90 min $180
This intensive treatment relaxes sore muscles and stiff joints with Russian massage techniques and the best pain relievers from Nature’s pharmacy.  Designed to reach deeper layers of muscle fibers to release tightness and constrictions, this intensive deep tissue massage uses anti-inflammatory Arnica Muscle Gel for soothing relief of sore muscles.
NIRVANA STRESS RELIEF MASSAGE 60 min $135; 90 min $180
This deeply revitalizing treatment uses aromatherapy and deep tissue massage to unwind the body, reboot the mind and transform stress into balance.  Utilizing slow, flowing, hypnotic strokes and your choice of aromatherapy to renew the mind and transform stress into balance. The treatment perfect for those wishing to “zone out.”

PEPPERMINT FOOT THERAPY 60 min  $125      
This euphoric treatment takes the good old-fashioned foot massage to a new level with hot towel compressions followed by tingly Peppermint Foot & Body Cream to relieve tension from head to toe.

60 min, $125; 75 min, $145; 90 min, $175
Created for the specific needs of the individual: advanced, detailed massage techniques effectively treat acute and chronic pain from muscle fatigue or injury, and post-surgical repair or anti-aging lymphatic drainage.

MANUAL LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE – can be applied anywhere there is increased swelling or tenderness of lymph nodes; addresses a variety of fluid problems, including fluid retention, recent surgery, and cellulite.

MYOFASCIAL RELEASE - a specialized technique over soft tissue for unevenness, pain or pressure over all parts of the body, including organs.

MU-XING THERAPY - a treatment using warm bamboo and rosewood tools to perform deep tissue massage techniques. Using different sized and shaped tools, the therapist applies a variety of massage strokes, which address ischemic tissue and promote a deep sense of overall well-being and relaxation.

POLARITY – incorporates energy bodywork with a gentle, but firm touch, facilitating a balance in the electrical systems of the body and creating sense of well-being with physical release of the muscles.

SMRT (Spontaneous Muscle Release Technique): $125/hour
Addresses structures beyond muscles including the ligaments, tendons, fascia and meridians. While releasing trigger points painlessly, physical and energetic release is accomplished simultaneously. Light pressure technique yields immediate results. This treatment can be blended with all other modalities or stand alone. Recommended for repetitive injuries such as those from computer use, lifting, yard work, and holding same position on job.

Enhance your Massage or Bodywork Treatment with any of the following:

A relaxing introduction to Ayurveda or a great add-on to any service.  This application to the body's nervous system channels balances all 5 directional flows in the body, from head to toes.  Increase chi, circulation, improve sleep, calm restlessness.

ION FOOT BATH - $50 per session; $180/4 sessions
Think of the way your body felt when you last walked along the beach and felt the energy of the waves breaking near you.  You were able to breathe deeper, your brain cleared, your body felt in tune with the earth, at peace and rejuvenated.  The ionization of trillions of water molecules crashing to earth caused positive reactions.  Ionic cleanse footbaths can be used as healthy weight loss support, to give one more energy and a better state of mind, to restore and regain health giving the body more energy to heal itself, helps rid your body of toxins, relieves aching and sore joints, unburden your body of herbicides, pesticides, colorings, additives, preservative and other chemicals that reside in our water, food and air.  In today’s toxic environment, tissue acid wastes, chemical and heavy metal residues build up in the body faster than before, resulting in greater incidence of allergies, mental and physical incapacitation.

BIO-MAT $25 with any treatment; $75 for one hour for deep detox
Intensify your massage or spa wrap treatment with the effects of the Far InfraRed BioMat. Utilizing various settings for different health indicators, the mat warms the inside of your body, and the part of the BioMat in contact with your skin gets warm.  These rays (6-12 microns) penetrate 6 inches into the body.  The rays not only benefit the muscles on the surface of the boy, but all cells including blood vessels, lymph glands and nerves in the deepest parts of our body.  Amethyst and tourmaline crystals conduct EMF accumulation to the mat’s ground.  Negative ion effect purifies the blood, revives cells, improves the immune system, controls the autonomic nervous system, revitalizes cell metabolism, relieves pain and sysmptoms of paralysis.

  • produces heat shock protein, protecting cells from stress.
  • Heat increases blood circulation and strengthens the cardiovascular system
  • Higher heat can help burn calories and control weight.  According to an article in JAMA, you can burn as many calories in a single session as you would rowing or jogging for 30 minutes.
  • Gentle heat reduces stress and fatigue, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and renewed.
Comfortably warm specialty herbal balls, applied with varying amounts of pressure

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