Perelandra is for everyone who wants to take charge of their health, their environment and their life in simple, new and extraordinarily effective ways. Deborah was introduced to Perelandra Essences during a treatment for lymphatic drainage, and it has become a part of her daily life--personally and professionally. They are beneficial taken alone or in combination with a specific healing regimen.

Perelandra tinctures are available for assistance in healing specific body systems (muscular, digestive, endocrine, etc.) as part of the microbial Balancing Program, for healing the whole body or personal living or working environment, flu season remedy, pandemic preparations, and more. The essences are created and manufactured in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, an area recognized in the healing community for its higher vibrational activity.

A powerful tool for personal healing and optimal wellness is the MBP Telegraph Testing. Deborah offers this as part of her Naturopathic services, and finds it helpful to those who intuitively “know something is wrong, but I can’t place my finger on it or get a diagnosis at this time”. It is especially helpful to those who feel as if their life is “out of control”.