What can I expect when I see a Naturopath?
Your first visit will be about 1-1/2 hours in length.  This allows time to gather as much information about you:  your past and present health issues and future health goals.  A thorough case history helps your Naturopath determine the root cause of your symptoms, and together create the best treatment plan to assist your healing process.

During the visit, expect questions about physical, emotional and spiritual health - your lifestyle, exercise, diet, sleep, energy patterns, stressors at home and work, and about your well-being.  A complaint-oriented physical exam will be done to make an assessment.  The exam will be repeated each visit to keep the treatment plan focused.

The main reason to see a Naturopath is that she will take the time to listen and understand you as an individual and your health concerns.  Your Naturopath will provide your body with the support and treatment necessary to achieve your goal.

Can I see a Naturopath for small health concerns (ie a cold)?
Yes, naturopathic and conventional medicine complement each other.  They differ in their approach.  Your Naturopath can work with your MD to ensure you have the best care.  Please tell your Naturopath about prescribed medicines and any supplements you are already taking.

Naturopaths are trained to recognize conditions outside of their scope of practice, and will refer to other health care practitioners accordingly.

Do I need a referral to see a Naturopath?
No, a referral is not necessary to consult a Naturopath.

Does Health Insurance cover Naturopathic Medicine?
In some cases, some plans will cover the office visit.  For the most part, complimentary medicine is not covered.  Your Naturopath can provide you with an itemized statement for submission to your insurance company, or to use at year-end for medical expense deduction on income taxes.

Who can benefit from Naturopathic Medicine?
All ages and health concerns can benefit from Naturopathic treatment.

Why would I see a Naturopath?
People decide to see a Naturopath for various reasons:
- take charge of your health and play an active role in your health care
- treat the underlying cause of your symptoms rather than just symptom relief
- understand your body and why symptoms have occurred
- prevent an illness or disease
- enhance your body's own healing ability
- make positive lifestyle changes
- address chronic health concerns that are affecting your life
- seek a complimentary approach to health

“The Doctor of the future will give little medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease."
-Thomas A. Edison