Our Nutritional Counseling is based on Dr. Linus Pauling's program of Optimal Nutrition. In his research, he discovered the body can engage in repair, wellness, strengthened immunity, lack of mood swings, hormonal balancing, good sleep and energy for the day if the person follows a dietary plan that provides nutrients in their optimal form. The saying "We are what we eat" is true.

Many of us choose to engage in a healthier lifestyle and are unsure how to change our food choices. We are caught in a fast food rut, or time crunch, and our health suffers. Nutritional counseling can be as easy as two visits for simpler modifications or multiple sessions to disengage from a disease process. Your diet history, foods chosen during times of stress, food intolerances (called allergies in the medical community), nutrient absorption issues and long term health goals are investigated. A plan is formulated for your specific needs at each visit.

When necessary, supplements will be recommended. Some are for a specific trigger, and will only be taken for a short period, while others relating to a chronic health problem may be a lifelong commitment. We will work with your goals and your budget to find the best choices.

Deborah also firmly believes in the concept of Food Combination. Food combination is the practice of selecting foods at each meal which will compliment each other in digestion and nutrients to provide maximum nourishment on a plate. Several historical naturopaths have dedicated their practice to the study of other cultures methods of food combining for their longevity and optimizing good health. Chinese Medicine uses the energetics of food, Aruyvedic Medicine treats the body type imbalances, and Dr. Barry Sear's Zone Diet balances carbs, fats and proteins. Many other nutritionists/authors have specialty programs for diabetics, attention deficit disorder, and female hormonal balancing.

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