What a great workshop this weekend! I really enjoyed the presence. I learned so much from your information. I felt so relaxed, safe, and in the presence of Divine Love. Thank you for creating the space.

Ahhhhh! I slept peacefully last night. As I mentioned, I’m feeling lighter and more playful. I’m noticing that thoughts, beliefs and feelings… they are just coming and going. I’m no longer judging them nor attaching to them. Freedom!!! YES!! I feel a sense of deeper love and connection within. I feel my centered, whole and complete. I feel more ALIVE in my tummy area!

I spoke to my uterus and my tummy last night and felt such deep love and appreciation. I’m really glad to be on the journey of Self-Love and Wholeness. I love connecting my Heart and Mind with my Uterus and maximizing the Infinite Intelligence and wisdom in my body.

My Intention this week is to develop and follow a sample eating plan and that is alignment with the perfect food-combining for healthy digestion and maximum nutritional value to my mind, body, and Spirit. I can imagine how my brain will be nourished more deeply with the proper food-combining!

I am loving the thoughts of this! I am loving what is possible and probable for me in my life!

Thank you for doing what you do! Thank you for being so generous and so loving and kind with your mind, your hands, your wisdom and your Sacred Space. I’m so happy that we met. All is perfect in my world! Loving, supportive and generous people come to me with ease. Thank you for being YOU.

Love, TP

I just want to thank you again for encouraging me to go to both of your workshops this year. While I have benefitted in the past from our sessions together, it wasn't until I took the workshops that I really fully understood the depth of your treatments and the need for me to take better care of myself.

In the first workshop, I became more fully aware of how the physical, psychological and spirtual connections all intersect to benefit one's well being. But in the second workshop, I experienced an incredible shift in my energy and overall understanding on a deep level that I am still trying to process and have yet to understand fully. My work as a family counselor focuses primarily on the psychological functioning of people but your workshop helped me to understand how much our psychology becomes our biology. I appreciated your sensitivity to the diverse group of women that we were and how much you went out of your way to accomodate us. The space for the workshop allowed for the right balance of coziness and warmth with your professionalism and sensitivity to respecting our boundaries. I just want to thank you again and let you know how glad I was to be at your workshop.

Rose Viviano LMFT